Building a bridge between citizens and DOTS

"A route differs from a road not only because it is solely intended for vehicles, but also because it is merely a line that connects one point with another. A route has no meaning in itself; its meaning derives entirely from the two points that it connects. A road is a tribute to space. Every stretch of road has meaning in itself and invites us to stop. A route is the triumphant devaluation of space, which thanks to it has been reduced to a mere obstacle to human movement and a waste of time." --Milan Kundera


CSS Design Resources

for Transportation Professionals, Government Officials, Citizens and Other Stakeholders

Context Sensitive Design is a new concept to many departments of transportation (DOTs); citizens groups; state, county, and local governments; and other stakeholders.  This website is intended to be an on-line resource for anyone who is looking for information on Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS), Context Sensitive Designs (CSD) or related topics.

There are links to all United States DOTs along with many CSS-specific web pages authored by DOTs.  There are also links to transportation organization websites and citizens group websites with information pertaining to CSS.

Our community page allows you to view or link to our Yahoo discussion group Context Sensitive Solutions Forum (which has searchable discussion threads).  This is a great place to meet your peers and discuss current issues.  The forum is open for viewing to everyone and it's easy to join so you can participate.

Our CSS Topics page has information and links on many topics relevant to CSS such as public involvement, traffic calming, access management, and much more.